Thursday, January 30, 2014

COCONUT OIL FOR ALZHEIMER (straying from my usual topic)

Today, I'm straying away from my usual topic Decorating with Cents.

I know I've always been forgetful, but during the past few weeks I realized I was forgetting things constantly, i.e.
  • Frequently walking into a room and not remembering why I was in the room or what I came into the room for.  I know this can happen to anyone but on the weekends, when I was home, it was an almost all day occurrence
  • Forgetting simple words, i.e.  a colleague and I were discussing different burial procedures, I wanted to tell her that my preference would probably be “cremation” but for the life of me I couldn't remember the word, but what was really scary she, my colleague, said the word and I still couldn't remember it or how to pronounce it (scary)
  • Some days sitting at my desk not remembering what I was working on
  • Driving and not remembering where I'm going; or driving and not recognizing where I am…
These might be common occurrences but when they begin to happen constantly it can’t be normal.  Sometime ago I remembered reading about coconut oil and how it can help to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer so I did my research and decided to give it a shot.  I figured, there was nothing to lose besides my memory, and that was already going…

Based on the videos the proper dosage amount is about 2 TBS coconut oil a day; I figured I didn't have Alzheimer but maybe a ‘mild’ case of memory loss so I started with 1 TBS per day but in dosages of 1 tsp in my meals throughout the day, i.e.  
  • 1 tsp in my morning tea (Looking at oil floating around in my tea cup isn't very appetizing so I try not to look at it while drinking); 
  • 1 tsp at breakfast in my grits or oatmeal; and
  • 1 tsp at dinner in my soup or whatever I decide to have for dinner –
 my goal,  3 tsp (1 TBS) per day. 
Results so far – my memory is much better, where I use to draw a blank when talking, I can now remember what I want to say or thinking to say; when I'm cleaning or cooking at home I can walk into a room or pantry to get something, or do something, without drawing a "blank"; I don't sit at my desk wondering what I'm suppose to be working on.

The best part I've decided to continue to pursue my studies and it’s amazing how much information I'm retaining, no it hasn't made me super smart, but I have a better grasp of what I'm studying.  

It’s only been 3 days since starting the coconut oil treatment (started Jan 28th), perhaps too soon to say much, but my brain feels refreshed, sort of like it was given a breath of fresh air, I can only hope for continued positive results.

Bottom line – even if you don’t have Alzheimer’s, but you find yourself forgetting frequently, perhaps a daily dose of coconut oil could help

On the below links Dr. Newport talks about her  husband who was experiencing severe stages of Alzheimer's and her research which led her to coconut oil.  The results are astounding and worth your time.

Dr. Newport's story - Memory Loss and Alzheimer Pt1
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If you're pushed for time, check out the below links instead.  The first link is a summary of Dr. Newport's research; on the second link someone else talks about his his bout with Alzheimer.

Our Story; Alzheimer's

Feel free to share with anyone, you never know, you might be able to help someone who is suffering.

After all, there's no sense in me Decorating with Cents when I can't remember what I'm decorating...LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bathroom Chalk Board (from ceiling fan blades)

ometime ago I changed my ceiling fans and held on to all of my ceiling fan blades

Some of the blades were light

and some dark, but it didn't matter.

I had been reading so much about chalk boards, so I decided to experiment and came up with a lovely board for my son's guest bathroom.  I found the chalk paint recipe on line.

I used strips of sheer fabric (glued with hot glue) to hang the boards.

Of course, my son didn't find the the Bathroom Rules humorous

But I thought it was cute...

For the chalk holder I simply took a small styro cup

Cut it in half & painted it (I wanted it to look like a clay pot).

And then hot glued it to the board

It doesn't have to be bathroom rules, it can be anything, and I guess at some point someone, or I, will change it.

but for now it stands...

It's a New Year so don't forget to LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!