Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rusty File Cabinet

UPDATE:  If you want to see how the draws turned out on the inside click here

In my previous blog Build a Pantry, you saw a file cabinet.  Do you want to know what happen to it?  Okay, let's go way back.

Once upon a time in the far away Bahama Land there was a file cabinet - a very sad file cabinet.

Not knowing what to do with this forlorn piece of furniture the owner moved it far, far away.

 And the cabinet was sad and grew old & rusty


But one day the owner looked at the cabinet and smiled.  The owner remembered how the cabinet use to hold papers and other supplies and kept everything so neat and organized.  The owner felt bad because she had neglected this very valuable piece of furniture.  So she wiped, sanded and refinished the cabinet. Then she found the perfect spot for the cabinet to retire.

Housed in her closet, cuddling her linen, the cabinet smiled because it was loved once again.  True Story
The End.


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I love a good file cabinet makeover! Nice job!

sharon said...

you did a wonderful job! love it

Unknown said...

Im gonna try it !