Friday, August 5, 2011

I organized my seasoning cabinet

How many times have you went into your seasoning cabinet and found duplicates?  That's usually because everything is always pushed back and either you can't see what's in the back of the cabinet or sometimes you're too lazy to move the seasoning to see what's stocked all the way to the back.  If you're like me, my money is always tight so dreaming of those cabinet organizers is a no, no.

One day, while cleaning out one of my closets, I came across some styrofoam sheets (the ones you use for crafts).   I'm not a pack rat, but I hate throwing things away especially if I think there's a use for it.  So, after toying with the styrofoam and trying to figure out what I could do with it, I thought about my seasoning cabinet.

It took some toying around, but after moving all of my seasoning, some of which was old & yucky and had to be thrown away, I measured and cut a sheet of styrofoam.  Then I stacked & cut them like a staircase.  The tricky part was figuring out how to get them to stick together.  I didn't want to use tape or glue just in case I decided to move them around later so I thought about nails.  Yeah, I know you can't nail styrofoam together, but I had something much better than nails.  Toothpicks!  Yep, for each step I inserted toothpicks to hold the steps together.  

Sorry, I was so excited doing this project I didn't take any pictures until after the project was completed.
This is the styrofoam stacked, and held together with toothpicks.

This is my seasoning cabinet now...

I did a step for each side of the cabinet.  I can see everything and they're so easy to reach.  No more duplicate seasoning plus I can show off my cabinet.... :-)
How easy was that?

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Brandi said...

this is a really good idea.