Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Upside Down Tray Table

Some years ago I purchased this Folding Tray Table from an English Shop and placed it in the foyer opposite my study.

During that time I was drawn to the deep teal color (milk paint I think) along with the artful design drawn inside.

Well I guess like everything else I was ready for a change.  I had just recently repainted my foyer and had moved the table behind my sofa.

My first thought was to paint the entire table.  Although I liked the milk paint look I was tired of looking at the topiaries.... But just when I was debating on what color to paint it I decided to try something... I turned the tray upside down.

This is exactly the look I was looking for.

I then pulled out an embroidered valance from an old kitchen curtain I had been holding on to and laid it on top of the table.

Next I remembered I had a piece of burgundy color sateen fabric, about 1/2 yd, that I had no real clue as to what to use it for, so I laid it over the valance

By this time I knew what I wanted but I needed  a glass or silver tray.  I searched and then I remembered I had held on to a microwave dish from a microwave that cocked out on me some years ago.  I also pulled out some of my china that I hadn't used for a while along with my perfectly imperfect plastered flower. 

 I was quite satisfied with the results.

You can read Villabarnes blog if you want to know how to plaster a flower.

Who knows, maybe in another 2 or 3 years I'll get tired and decide to paint it or perhaps turn the tray over again.  But for now I think I like my Upside Down Tray Table against my chair that I just recently covered.

Sometimes letting your creativity flow  may mean turning things upside down.  Have fun and just LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The "I don't know what I want - just do something nice" VASE

Those are the words that were thrown at me when someone brought me this vase to be painted.  When I asked about the color she wasn't too sure, but she liked earthy tones.  I asked if there was a particular design they had in mind the response was "I don't know what I want, just do something nice for me."  I remembered I had a magazine so I showed them a really nice rustic vase that I would have loved to try to attempt. 

Finally a decisive answer "No, I don't like that, but I'm sure you'll come up with something."

So after sitting dumbfound for about 2 days I came up with a thought for the vase.

For earth tones I felt I was safe playing around with greens, brown, cream and burgundy.  

At the neck of the vase I wrapped a strip of palm leaf around it and added light strokes of color.  At the mouth of the neck I initially painted it penny copper, but it was a little bit lighter than I liked, so I painted over it with  bronze.

Unfortunately, it's difficult trying to capture all of the colors by camera.  It's really dependent on the lighting and I guess the photographer (smile).

Well I dubbed this my "I don't know what I want - just do something nice" VASE, and guess what...they love it!

Even in difficult moments just LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dining Chairs

A few blogs back I showed off how I covered my chair using Styrofoam.  I liked the look and decided I wanted to incorporate the look in my dining room, but this time using foam.

Home Fabric had a good sale going on, so I purchased 5 yds of fabric, that's right 5 yards.  Why?  The fabric had spots, I knew I would have to cut around it, so to make sure I had enough I brought extra; it was only 2.99 a yard so $15 plus extra fabric to do other stuff with, not a bad deal.

I also had to buy some foam, which I thought was waaay too expensive, compared to what my sister purchased while I was in Georgia, but living in the Bahamas what do you expect??? 

I covered the bottom of my chairs the usual way.

I then measured the chair backs, and drew out a pattern (a rectangular shape) on the foam and cut each out.  These will be for the front of the chair backs.

I used spray adhesive for the hem and to adhere the fabric onto the foam.

Once that was done, I placed it against the chair back, applied some velcro at the top of the chair back, and on the bottom of the fabric to fasten and to keep in place.  That was it!

Apply  velcro to bottom and adhere to back of cushion

So here's my chair

While I was doing this I decided to put together a small Spring arrangement for my table.  I never claimed to be a florist, but I thought this turned out okay.

The chairs are much more comfortable with a cushion chair back.

What I like most about this is when you get tired of the look just unfasten and remove it, no big mess; or if you want something a little more formal add some ribbon on the bottom portion of the chair back or maybe some sheer fabric and tie a pretty bow, endless possibilities...




 (I've since updated my chairs and added some "Bling" click here to see update, you won't believe how simple this is!)

I have lots of fabric left and lots of ideas, so while I ponder on my next project LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Countertop Lamps

For months I had been looking for lamps for my kitchen counter.  I needed the lamps to serve a dual purpose, allow adequate lighting at nights (I don't like using overhead lights if I don't have to) and I felt my counter needed some character.

Although I had a night light, it wasn't cutting it

After several months of searching and practically giving up, I found them...

I remembered calling my son at home and asking him to measure the space between the counter and the bottom top cabinet.  The lamps I had looked at prior were either too tall or to short or just plain ugly.   But when I saw these lamps it hit me in my gut these were the ones - they were the right color, height and had the details I needed.

I scooped the last two off the shelf and brought them home with me.

I like the charm the lamps add to my kitchen decor.

Sometimes it takes patience, or like my sister say's, "You know when it's right because it just hits can feel it in your guts!"


Monday, March 5, 2012

My Old/New Clock

I use to have a little bench outside that I use to use for all sort of stuff eventually the elements took its toll on the bench and became of no use.  Over the year it just sort of laid there and each time I meant to have it trashed, something came up and I forgot.

When I was looking at my foyer wall the other day I kept looking at my clock. 

 I think it's a nice clock but I always felt something was missing, it was just hanging there....and then the other day I thought about that lonely worn out bench outside.

It was the perfect for what I wanted to do.

I cleaned it up and managed to tone down most of the red.  I then took some ocher & sienna pigments and washed over the board to make it appear even more rustic.  

With that done I took a neck chain that I had purchased while away on vacation but hadn't worn for a few months and...

... spray painted it to look old & rusty using brown & then hand painted sienna in various spots.  I love the statement my new/old clock now makes.



If you look closely at the top left, you can see the sand that's embedded in the wood.  When I showed this off to a friend they queried why I didn't patch it up & painted it to make it look new; you should have seen their eyes when I mentioned I painted over it to make it look older...(smile)

I love the character it has added to my clock.  So the next time you see an old piece of wood just lying around LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!