Monday, April 13, 2015


How many of us have baskets that we love throwing shoes into.  I have tons of baskets used for multiple purposes but I wanted to designate one basket especially for shoes.  So, with the extra ceiling fan blades lying around I decided why not.

I found this picture online and it became my inspiration for my basket

Following are pics, fairly easy, on how I did it.  I started with a ceiling fan blade (with the holes puttied)  and a print out.

I added the picture and print to some diluted coffee to age it.  I let it in for about 15 minutes, but I probably should have left it soaking for longer.

Make sure to ball it up if you want that wrinkled affect.

By this time I had already painted my ceiling fan blades, sorry no pictures.  I then glued the paper onto the painted blades using Mod Podge and once dried I brush over it.

I wasn't sure where I wanted to hang the sign, so initially I just sort of sat it on top of the basket

I later opted to glue it on top of the basket handles

I'm pleased with the results.