Saturday, January 24, 2015



Sometime ago I made a white bath tray for my Guest Bath.  I love the the raised stenciling I added to it.

Well, after a while I decided I no longer to keep the tray white and decided to do something a little bit closer to the color of my bathroom cabinets.  

That's the wonderful think about paint, if you don't like the color, or if you get tired of a color, you can always go back and repaint!

I painted it a light avocado green using chalk style paint and then dry brushed it with a raw sienna chalk style paint.   Because it was going to get hit with lots and lots of water, I protected it with Minwax clear semi-gloss polyurethane.  

Everything was quick and easy!  You can click here to see how I made this.




Almost picture perfect!

I guess both are nice...but oh, the beauty of paint.  LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

WELCOME to the New Year!

In a few posts back I talked about how I had taken down a few ceiling fans and held on to the ceiling fan blades.

I decided to welcome 2015 with a "Welcome" sign.

I simply glued the blades together and taped the back for additional support.

Usually I would have closed the holes, but for this I opted to keep this open. I primed the blades and used white as the base color and then streaked some red on top.

I then topped it with Country Blue paint and distressed it.

I'm not an artist and I can't print worth a flip, so I printed the words WELCOME, traced over it with #2 pencil and transferred it over to my sign.

Then it was just a matter of me painting in the letters, adding stencils and other decorative touches.

I really like how this turned out and it was a neat way to welcome in the New Year!

A lovely Welcome sign for your door or wall!

Enjoy your New Year and don't forget to LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!