Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My son's room transformed

When my son was home for winter break, he asked me to decorate his room.  Well, this was a big challenge for me because neither he nor I could agree on a color scheme.  He said he wanted to draw a mural on the wall and I said fine, but as teenagers often do, he procrastinated.  After three or four days of nothing I decided to take it in my hand.  My biggest weakness is 'before' pics, I forgot to take them, but here's a short & humorous video clip I had did of us a year prior.  Get a good look at his room...  If you look hard you'll see peaks of the foyer when the walls were 'boring white'.

Hoped you enjoyed the humor... here are the after pictures:

We decided on stripes, maroon and light gray.  Because the room is small I felt stripes on all four walls would have made the room look like a jail cell, so the front & back walls are striped and the two side walls were dry brushed.

My biggest expense was the comforter set.   I bought the comforter set from Cost Right and it was selling for approx $60. I wasn't completely satisfied with the comforter, I wanted something with a little more gray, but I wanted the room completed before he left to go back to college and that didn't leave me with very much time (we were painting around the New Year Holiday)  my son was flying back to college the day after New Year.  The black lamp was around $30. I had a $50 gift certificate for Cost Right so I spent approx $40.  Kelly's generally have the best selection of blinds and thankfully they had the color I was looking for.  I love their paint selection, so I purchased my paint from them as well.    I can't locate my receipts, but in total I think I'm safe saying I spent approx $200 that would include 2 gallons of paint (gray & maroon), blinds, comforter set, lamp, paint brushes and pillows.  I'll be using my paint brushes and left over paint for future projects, so there will be some money savings later.

If you look closely at the top of the wall you can see where I stenciled straight across.  I figured that would help to add a little more interest to the wall. My son is obsessed with caps, so we decided to use his caps as the center piece for his dresser.

There are still one or two details I want to add to the room, i.e. change the white ceiling fan and perhaps add something more to the window treatment.  But still the room was completed before he headed back to college and we were both pleased with the results.


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