Thursday, August 11, 2011

Master Bed Makeover

My home is 20+ years old and all of the rooms are small.  It's a constant challenge trying to do so much with limited funds and space!  I had to first think about what I wanted for my room.  I very seldom use my bedroom for anything but sleeping, I'm up early in the morning occupying the other rooms.  So I knew I wanted the room to have that calm, inviting look with a cottage twist.  I also needed the appearance of space.

This is my BEFORE

I was never into decorating and I was always pretty much comfortable with whatever I had.  All of the walls in my house had always been white so I found myself hesitating a lot about adding color to my bedroom walls.  The hardest part was taking down the borders.  That was a 2 day process, thankfully my son assisted me in that task.  I have since learned to hate borders.

Here's the AFTER

This is the back wall.  I used a raised stencil for the stacked stone affect.  I then stained it with a natural walnut stain.  It took me about 4 days (2-3 hours each evening after work) and 1 weekend to complete the stenciling.  The pictures hanging on the left looked 'blah' by themselves; I wasn't too sure what to put up there with them.  While browsing through one of the stores I stumbled across this dry plant and loved it!   While on vacation in Georgia I spotted the champagne & teal fabric and I knew I had to have it, because I hadn't intended on buying fabric I had to guess at the yardage.  I barely had enough fabric for my window treatment.  Because I can be lazy at times I opted to use the No Sew glue.  So far they're holding up good.  I wanted to add some height to the windows so I used the sheers that were taken down from my living room.  I didn't want to spend money on new rods so I spray painted my old rods brown, I definitely liked the look.  The comforter set was ordered online from King Linen 2 months prior to me painting & the lamps were purchased from  AID I was going to get something simple, but my sister had already advised me to look for something funky "outside of my comfort zone".  The comforter set ($69.99) and the lamps (approx. $49 each) were my biggest purchase items.

Stack stone in progress close up

This is the entrance to my bedroom.  I feel the table & stool were a good balance for my Armour.  The stool is just an ordinary plastic stool that I had purchased years ago for my son and his friends when he was much younger.  I fixed it, click here to read how, and used an old linen tablecloth to make the cushion, then I added ribbon to the cushion and tied each to the legs of the stool.  The table is an old glass table that was headed for the dump, I experimented with painting it, liked it and decided to use it.  It also helps to hide the cabling against the wall.  One of my friends at the office had given me the vase.  It was a plain clear vase so I decided to paint it and add a simple floral arrangement.  I painted the wall off white because I didn't want it to take away for the other walls in the room.

Side wall.  It's difficult to see the texture on the wall from this picture but I decided to attempt the Bellagio faux technique I used a dark teal & a lighter teal. Afterward I used raised stenciling for the tree, joint compound was used for both techniques.  The Bellagio technique took me approx 3 days for both walls.  Because my room is small I realized I had to get rid of some furniture.  It was a battle between the Armour and the dresser, the Armour won!  However, I always loved the mirror on my dresser and decided to place it along the empty space by the wall.

It took a lot of work but I'm fascinated by the change and it was well worth the time.


Unknown said...

That stencil wall is amazing! Your blog is so inspiring, thank you for sharing :)

Sherry said...

Lindsey, Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your comment.

Brandi said...

What a lovely, relaxing room! You pulled everything together very nicely!

Sherry said...

Brandi I appreciate the compliment and thanks for being my 1st follower! :-)