Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Little Glass Table

In my previous blog Old/New Bedroom there was a table standing guard by my Armour.  Well if you didn't read that blog you can go to it later, but let me tell the story.
This table has been in my life when my X and I first built our home.  Things were tight and we had just bought a TV and needed a TV stand.  Neither of us had spare cash so somebody gave him this table (that they were dumping).  The table didn't have a top so he had glass cut for it, which explains the different shades of glass.  If you look hard enough you can see the glue we used to keep it held down.

Over the years the table served its purpose until I dumped the TV.  Then it just sort of hung around like an over stayed in-law or family member who comes to visit you.  You know the kind. Their 1 week visit runs into 2 weeks or longer. Well anyway I'm glad I held on to my table.  When I started working in my bedroom it was perfect for that corner spot plus it hides that darn cable that leads into my Armour.

The moral to this story is - If you have guests who over extend their time, don't kick them out, find some use for them!

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