Thursday, August 11, 2011

That plain plastic stool

Do you remember that plastic stool you bought for your kids or yourself?  You know the one that you kept at a counter, breakfast nook or maybe outside on the porch or patio.  To be honest, I bought this plastic stool because I couldn't afford anything else at the time.  My son, his friends and me got plenty of use out of this stool. 

It was now ready for the dump, but in these tough economic times I can't afford to throw anything in the dump.  Plus, I needed a stool in my bedroom so I decided to perform plastic surgery....ha, ha, (plastic surgery for the plastic stool).  Okay jokes aside.  

First I primed it, then I did a color wash using off-white, cranberry & bronze, not much just enough to give it some color.  Afterward to give it more detail I decided to add raised stencils.  Once the compound from raised stencils was dry (usually a day) I stained it with a natural walnut.  The next day I used polyurethane to seal it.  Doesn't it look cute & polished....

I think you can see the cranberry peeking out in this pic.

But once it was against my Armour I thought, nah, you're not pretty enough, more surgery was needed, so I looked for an assistant... I scrambled in my closet in search of something, but not sure what, and I came across an old English linen tablecloth I had held on to for years.
I just love the embroidery, especially the centerpiece.
So I decided to cut it out!
And I added a small piece of foam cushion to make it nice and bouncy then sewed a cute little button in the middle.  To make sure it didn't move when I rested my weary bottom on it, I used ribbons and tied them to each leg of the stool.
 And then I put it back by my Armour, where it belonged.

Now, should I tell you the story about that table on the other side? Or, maybe you prefer to hear about what happened to the rest of the tablecloth?  But until then, if you haven't already,  you can check out my bedroom Now go and, LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

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