Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flirting with colors…

My foyer is like a T- junction; satisfied with my first project I decided to dig into the next portion of my foyer. This time rather than using a sea sponge I decided to use my mesh bath sponge, which was already worn out, and while I was happy with beige I wanted more color.
This section of the foyer accessed all of the bedrooms & bath so I had to think about painting the doors, door frames, and bookshelf.
I decided to paint the door frames two different colors burgundy & green. For the walls I decided to use splashes of burgundy, light teal & tan. My bookshelf was my biggest dilemma. The books were collecting dust and there was nothing appeasing about the shelf. I decided to collect all of the pictures I had scattered throughout the house and place them in one centralize location, my bookshelf, and dump all of the outdated text books.
This is the first foyer I completed, and when you look back you can see the bookshelf that was painted and photos added. The advantage of having pictures in a centralize spot is that anyone having to use the guest bath can stop and muse over family pictures. The bath door frame is burgundy and the inner frame is green.
Here's a closeup of the paint technique using a mesh bath sponge.
I'm having a fling with paint and I love it!

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