Monday, September 17, 2012

Free Eyeglasses

A few weeks ago I was approached to try out some free eye glasses.  I got to admit I was a wee bit suspicious but decided to give it a shot.

The offer was made by (, the deal was very simple.  Go to their site, select my preferred glasses (or sunshades, prescription or non prescription), complete the form and that was it.

I was a little concern that the lenses would come cracked or maybe the frames would be lopsided, but everything arrived perfect - the glasses were securely wrapped.

There was also a Precision Screwdriver Keychain Eyeglass Repair Tool

Eyeglass precision tool for repairs

Eyeglass precision tool for repairs

Here's everything that came with my eyeglasses

eyeglasses from Firmoo

eyeglasses from Firmoo

Hard case for glasses

eyeglasses &case from Firmoo

Soft pouch for eyeglasses

soft eyeglass case from Firmoo

There was a wide selection of eyelasses to choose from, but the fun part was that I was able to upload my photo to see what the eyeglasses would look like on me before ordering.  Pretty great! 

They actually offer FREE  EYEGLASSES to first time buyers (you just pay for the shipping).  They have neat eyeglasses starting from just $8, so if you have 2+ kids that need glasses, or if you need extra glasses how neat can that be.  Where else can you buy the frame and lenses for a measly $8?  

All I had to do was complete a form which asked for among other things, my prescription and my eyeglass selection.  It took just a few days to receive my glasses.  Did I mention they were FREE?

I submitted my request and 2 days later my order was acknowledged and I was told it had been sent to Customer Service.  Two days later Customer Service confirmed receipt, and two days later they communicated the glasses were being shipped, two days later I received my eyeglasses.  Simple and hassle free, but best of all FREE.

eyeglasses & case from Firmoo

If you want free eyeglasses, and if you are a first time buyer,  your first order is free!  Just visit this site   LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!


Unknown said...

Hi Sherry, Like your new blog look and the glasses that you've chosen are nice. I must admit, I am leery of this, but sounds like a!
Thanks for the share.

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

Wow. What a GREAT deal. I am a glasses wearer. I have 2 pairs because I often will put a pair down and forget where I put them, thank goodness for my second pair...but I could always use a 3rd pair :). I love that it comes with a tool to tighten your screws and that it is on a key chain. That is brilliant.

Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

Wow, Sherry now that is a deal. This past year I had to purchase two new pairs, one of distance and one for reading for a whopping total of right at $600.00.
I'm going to give the site a look.

Lynn Wood said...

I think being able to upload a picture and try before your buy would be a big plus.

Brooke said...

Sounds like a really great deal! and the glasses you got a really nice!

Patty said...

Your glasses look great! Nice choice. I can't believe they were free - wow!

JoKnows said...

They are lovely glasses. Let's see them on you! You can't beat free. :)

Rhissanna said...

Wow, I will have to try this, as I always need sewing glasses.

I have to say, I LOVE the glasses you picked out. They're very 'Hot Librarian'! You know, with the heels and the tight skirt. Very Mad Men and Miss Moneypenny. You're going to look gorgeous! (I have to get myself a pair!)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

What I love is the idea of trying them on your face via the computer! Genius.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Well you sure can't get better than that! Those look like pretty frames. Thanks for sharing this information!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

you sure can't beat free! WOW that is amazing and they are awesome looking and i am sure you look marvelous!!!! i am going to check that out since i need computer glasses : ) sending tons of hugs and thanks -- so glad you went with them!!! : )

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Nice glasse and I love an eyeglass caes to protect my sunglasses. LOL at you being skeptical. I delete emails every day because i'm skeptical.

Helen's Decor said...

Hi Sherry, Thanks for following me on Linky Followers. I'm your newest follower there, too. I'm enjoying your blog posts. Thanks again, Helen

Unknown said...

wow they are really fabulous

momto8 said...

I completely ticked this information away...thank you!!!
we have all been ordering our glasses on line...starting at about $12...happy with them so far..but FREE is better thanks!