Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kitchen Curtains (no sew)

In my kitchen makeover (click here to see) I said that my kitchen curtains were recycled.  Here's a picture of them initially... no, it's not the sheers hanging over the windows, it's my tablecloth! (smile)

The sheers came from here...

 They're from my bath before the makeover (click here to see bath makeover). Plus I used the shower curtain rod, remember if you don't like the color of your rod just spray paint it.

Although I know how to sew, I can be lazy (actually I embrace the opportunity to be lazy), so when it was time to do my curtains I dreaded the thought of  lugging my sewing machine from the back of the closet.  Then I remembered the No-Sew Glue.

First, I measured my window (you have to allow inches for the hem - top, bottom & sides) and then I cut my tablecloth....

Afterwards, I folded the hems for the top, bottom & sides and glued them.  The glue dries within a few minutes but I waited until the next day to handle the curtains.

The next day I clipped on my curtain hooks.... (I can kiss the person who invented these)!

Just slide them on the rod and there you have it!  the same was done for my sheer, but because sheers are so light I didn't hem them, I also used smaller clips.

Isn't this the height of laziness! So, what did you learn from this?
Even when you're lazy you can LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

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