Friday, September 23, 2011


It's amazing how pillows can transform your furniture/your room.  My intentions were to have my furniture, in my family room, upholstered.  The blue was looking a bit dull and because I had recently completed my tables click here to read I wanted to give my furniture a facelift.

I checked with various upholsterers and I was given an average cost of $350 for a sofa and 2 chairs. They also confirmed I would need approximately 25 yards of fabric (assuming no stripes or patterns).  I figured $350 for upholstery and $150 for fabric ($6 per yd); $500 wasn't a bad price, perhaps I could get them to throw in a throw pillow or two.   

I happily rushed to the store to get my fabric, I'm usually impatient so I was anxious to get my room together and move on to my next project.  Now, I'm not a mathematician, but I know $12.99 x 25 = more than $150... so, after walking around in circles for a few minutes it hit me that was the lowest price they had  and the only word I can use to describe that fabric is UGLY.

The best part about being thrifty is contingencies.  There's always a contingency, and after one week of total depression I came up with a solution.  Pillows.  Every home magazine has been showing off pillows - big pillows, round pillows, decorative pillows, fancy pillows, striped pillows, plain pillows...

So, for less than a $100 I purchased my pillows and gave my furniture the facelift it needed.  Maybe next year I'll look for slipcovers!

 So, the next time you're running short on cash just look for a contingency and LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

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Comeca Jones said...

I think its great the way you were able to add color to your space Im not that brave.I love the way the curtains are flowing in the photo looks nice.