Monday, September 26, 2011


Here's a neat project I did with some pictures of my son.  My niece, who is a professional photographer, shot some pictures of my son some time ago.  I had some spare white ceramic tile left over after tiling my floors some years ago, so I decided to play around with an ideal. 

I first made copies of the pictures (didn't want to mess up the originals).  Then I glued each copy on top of the tile and then the fun began.


On this picture I wrinkled tissue paper (the kind you use in gift boxes), cut them in strips and then glued the paper around the picture.  I then painted over the tissue paper and sealed with a clear varnish.

On the next picture I used paint chips (the kind you get from Home Depot or any paint supply store).  I cut out the chips, glued them on top of the tile, played around with crackling and then varnished to seal.

And on this one I cut strips of construction paper, glued around picture, crackled and then varnished to seal.

I then displayed them in his room.  I like how they turned out and I really liked knowing I didn't have to waste money on picture frames.

Being creative is about having fun while being different. The next time you want to be different just LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!


Peggy said...

They look fabulous! Great job!

Comeca Jones said...

Very different how creative!