Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dining Room Painted

I've been conservative all my life so I have always been skeptical about using bright colors in my house.  When I was in Georgia visiting my sister, she had just moved and she pointed out that she hated the bright gold that was painted in their family room.  It was a beautiful bright gold venetian plaster and I loved it.
When I returned home I couldn't get the color out of my mind, so when I was ready to paint my Dining Room I knew immediately what color I wanted to use to brighten up that area.

This was my dining room BEFORE.  My intentions were to just paint the walls for a face lift.

This was definitely the color I wanted but I wasn't feeling it; I've been holding on to this picture for years and I wanted it to be the main feature when you walked into the dining room, but it wasn't happening....

So after a few days of looking at the wall, and the picture, I knew what needed to be done.
I added accessories to the desk.  Then I...  
...placed the picture on a stand and proceeded to stencil a trail of ivy that ran from the floor, behind the picture and up to the ceiling.  And...

...I then rearranged my dry and silk flowers in the basket, and afterward dry brushed a metallic blue on the basket to pick up the blue birds in the picture.

I now realize it's not always the big things we do that have a major impact in our home decorating, sometimes it's the small things.  You don't need to think BIG to LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!


Peggy said...

Hi - thanks for visiting and commenting on "Smooshie Vision"....I am your newest follower!

Claudette said...

this color really warms up this room and the furniture in it.