Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen Door

All of my exterior doors are painted brown to match the trim on my home.  I have 4 wooden exterior doors in total but right now I'm only thinking of one.  My front exterior kitchen door.  The door I enter each time I pull into my carport to come into the house.  All of my friends, guests, relatives and acquaintances come in through my front kitchen door.  

Have you noticed how a door can do a lot for a house appearance?  Even if the house is crappy, a beautiful door is like cosmetic surgery.  All eyes are on the door.

This is a picture of what my door looked like (sorry, don't have a picture of the front kitchen door, this is the back kitchen door).  

I'm sure you'll agree it needs a face lift.

I knew I needed to paint the door, but I didn't just want to paint it.  My doors keep me safe at night and provide protection from the elements, so I wanted to show my appreciation by doing something a little more elaborate.  So, I did what I do best, surfed the web eyeballing door, after door, after door.  When I saw the beautiful carved wooden doors I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

Here are my inspirations

Well, I'm not that good but I'm happy with the end results, and every time I drive up in my carport I smile.   

Here's my door after

I used raised stencils for this design, and up close most people think the designed is carved into the wood.
First I sanded and then primed the door.  It was painted with a off-white semi-gloss paint and once dried I applied the raised stencil.  I finished it off with English Walnut Stain, but rather than brushing on the stain I stippled it to give it depth and a shadow affect.
I love my door and I love the compliments.  Now, if I can finish working on the outside of my house...

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