Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paint a Box

Here's something interesting I would like to share.

First let me explain I'm not a rack pack.  My home is small with very little storage space, so I generally throw away everything.  But one day a package came in a box, and when I looked at the box I just knew I had to keep it.  It was a plain, ordinary, brown box.  But I didn't want to throw it away so I held on to it for a month or two.
Finally, when I thought I would have to throw it away because it was taking up space, I realized what to do with it.

I grabbed some paint and a stencil and went to work on it.
I wanted it to look aged so I took some stain and dry brushed it in areas, especially on the edges.

Then I stuffed it and added my collection of low cal sweetener and cider beverage 

I took the bird from another floral arrangement I had sitting in the house
This is the completed project
Not bad for a cardboard box!
Now, let me see you go out there and LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!

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batgirly said...

This is pretty cool. I, too, save boxes. Now I have a couple ideas of what to do with them. Thanks so much.