Monday, August 22, 2011

Jewelry Bag

Periodically when I shop at a jewelry or perfume store, and I purchase a small item, they place it in one of those mini/small tote bags.

Generally I throw these bags away because their too small to carry my lunch in.  But one day I bought a bunch of big clunky costume jewelry and they were too large for my jewelry box so I threw them in a draw.  But of course this created a big problem every time I had to look for jewelry especially if I was rushing.

Then one day I came across two of those mini bags that I hadn't thrown away and I thought of the perfect solution for my jewelry.  I stenciled the bags.  What do you think?

The larger bag is for necklaces and the smaller for earrings.  What's extra neat is when I'm rushing I just grab the bag and take it with me... :-) So, instead of a jewelry box  you can have a Jewelry Bag.

And then I keep them stacked nicely in my Armour.  This eliminates me rummaging around in a draw or box looking for the 'right' accessory.
The best part is when you're in a rush and can't decide what jewelry to wear, just grab the bag(s) and carry with you, their small and easy to carry and you can decide in the car or at the office!

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Donna Huisinga said...

Great idea! Take in the car and then decide. What pretty necklaces you have!

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