Friday, August 19, 2011

Kitchen Hutch

In my blog Kitchen Redo under $300 you'll see I put a lot of work into fixing it up.  One thing I had difficulty finding was a Hutch.  I didn't want anything fancy with a lot of glass, just something to hold my microwave and dishes.  Browsing the stores I saw a few hutches but nothing that took my fancy, they were either too small or the color didn't blend with my decor - Hey, when you're spending money you want to make sure "it's just right".  I wanted something similar to the below, and the color had to match my kitchen.  During that time my kitchen was yellow & white.

At the time my microwave was sitting on this: -
Here's a closer view
Well, you're probably asking, "what the heck is that?"  It's styrofoam!  I had gotten it from a nursery where I had purchased plants from some years ago, I just stacked 5 on top of each other went to Nassau Gass and had a glass cut, and then sprayed painted it black.  A instant glass table!  That was about 11 years ago, so you can understand a need for change.  Like I mentioned in my bio I'm not naturally creative it takes a while to come up with something so after fruitless visits to the store I was sitting in my computer room when it hit me.

My computer desk

Are you ready????

  IT WAS PERFECT!  Plus there's lots of storage space...
calendar adhered to door on far left
I saved $$$ and got more.

I sand & then primed it.  Then I painted it the same color as my cabinets (click here to see kitchen cabinets).  I thought about an antiquish blue or green but because my kitchen is small I felt uniformity would give the illusion of more space.  To reduce scratches due to constant use I used polyurethane on the top shelf & on the shelf holding the microwave.

There you have it.  I bet you're asking,"What is she using for a computer desk?"  Well, that's another story!

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Brandi said...

well look at that, how clever are you!! your desk provides so much storage and you even have a cute place to sit and eat. great makeover!!