Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Sisters

Let me introduce you to my sisters.  Last year during the Thanksgiving Holiday we got together to play Mafia Wars ('MW').  Yeah, we're MW freaks.... well, we use to be.  Sharon doesn't play as often and I'm sometime-ish (is that a word?) Buy my older sister Teresa has become a veteran.  If you don't know anything about MW think about the Godfather, we go around robbing & fighting all day, it really helps to relieve the stress. We also gave ourselves fictitious names - Teresa is "Blast"; Sharon is "Boss Lady"; I'm "The Silencer".

Both videos were done at my sister Sharon's house - see if you can get a glimpse of her walls - not a white wall in sight.  She inspired me to get into painting. The other person I would like to introduce you to is my son Lamar he's the narrator for one of the videos.  He's been my headache for 21 years (lol).  



My older nephew doesn't understand why we play MW, this was my best explanation "Most older women sit around the table playing Bridge all day; we're mafia fanatics we prefer to wipe people out!"

Moments like this don't happen often so when they do we should cherish them.  My family is my treasure; my son is my jewel.  Don't forget to take a moment to hang with your family and LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!


Brandi said...

that's so nice that you and your sisters get together like that, makes for a great time.

sharon said...

we go to do this again!!!