Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister's Fireplace

When I went to visit my sister Sharon over the holidays she asked me to experiment on her fireplace.  They had just moved the previous year and she wanted to add some drama to the mantel and her walls.  I figured experimenting on her house was much better than experimenting with mine (smile).

This is the BEFORE

All white isn't necessarily  boring, but for my sister it's a major sin!  I took a deep breath, waited until the family left for church and pounced.  I have difficulty working with prowling eyes. (smile)

After a few days of sanding, priming and dabbing I finished her fireplace.

Close Up


Once the fireplace was completed we tackled her wall - sorry I didn't take any "work in progress pictures".   The camera didn't pick up the colors clearly but it was cranberry and taupe, both colors were plastered on creating a kaleidoscope of colors.   Do you remember the vases from my earlier blog?  If not you can read here.

We were both pleased with the results including my son!

You want to know the best part about working in my sisters house?  If I had goofed up anything it would have been in her house and not mine!

Isn't it wonderful experimenting on other people walls while you LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW.


Brandi said...

great makeover. i love what you did with the fireplace. i bet your sister really appreciates the new look.

Peggy said...

Love the fireplace makeover! What a great job!

Comeca Jones said...

I love it that you were able to help your sister add spice to her space! Great job!

Donna Huisinga said...

Your sister is trusting! You did a great job.
Love the look.